Books Overview

Kevin Frohlich not only paints but is an Author too. He has self published two books. One his Autobiography and the other a Children's Book, with exciting short stories to teach children principles and values in life. See more details below.


"Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft."

A voyage into the life of one individual whose lust for evil led him down a path of self destruction. Rebelling against all authority his future seemed hopeless. Dragged down into the abyss of occultism, the inevitability of an eternity lost in the flames of hell seemed to be his only destiny. Yet not all was lost. Read how he was graciously rescued from an unworthy existence into a life of abundant freedom and prosperity.


Adventerous African Tales

Intriguing tales depicting life on the African Savanna. Fun filled adventures of creatures that display the characteristics, and mannerisms of common African wildlife. Each story tells a tale that teaches children about the realities of various principles and circumstances that they will encounter in life.